DataBase Management Systems Lab
This lab aims at providing students the knowledge about the DBMS. Students are made familiar with Oracle Software and Java, .Net. Access to both offline and online Internet services is available. It provides facilities to undergraduate students to develop their academic projects in different domains.
Database Management Systems laboratory is well equipped with the latest HP machines. Database Management Systems Lab is fully networked and attached to the IBM Server located at server room. The Oracle Software and .NET is available for all the Acer machines. Guidance is provided to the students by a team of faculty experts and programmers. The labs are kept open after the college hours to enable the students to practice their lab experiments in their leisure hours. The lab is used to train the students to improve their programming knowledge and make experiments to get familiar with the Core Courses. The knowledge gained in DBMS by the students can be availed in their final year project work.
I3 PROCESSOR, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard disk,MONITOR ACER 18.5” LCD, Total Number of Systems 60.
ORACLE 11i or MY sql,PL/SQL
Students can get trained to do Certifications in ORACLE, Java and .NET Technologies.
Database Management System Software Testing Lab