Linux Programming Lab
Students can get trained to do Certifications in System Administrator, Network Administrator or Security Administrator.
Computer Networks &Operating Systems Lab, Java Programming & Web Technologies Networking Lab
This lab aims at providing students the knowledge about the Fedora Linux Operating System Environment. Students are made familiar with Open Source Technologies. Access to both offline and online Internet services is available. It provides modern computational and research facilities to both Under & Post graduates and research students.
Linux laboratory is spacious and well equipped with the latest DELL and ACER Machines. Linux Lab functions with Fedora Linux OS RHEL-5 attached to the Linux Server located at server room. Linux clients are connected via an Ethernet network to the Fedora Linux Server. Linux Server is configured with RAID Level 1. Java, C and C++ compilers are configured in all the clients, Guidance is provided to the students by a team of faculty experts and lab programmer. The labs are kept open after the college hours to enable the students to engage themselves in getting practiced with Laboratory experiments in their leisure hours. The lab is used to train the students to improve their programming knowledge and make experiments to get familiar with the Core Courses. The final year students will develop industry oriented projects and main projects under the linux environment.
I3 PROCESSOR, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard disk,MONITOR ACER 18.5” LCD, Total Number of Systems 60.
Linux  OS with vi editor